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The course familiarizes participants with the concepts of three dimensional graphics modeling and visalization, particularly using a professional, free and open-source Google SketchUp software.

  • User interface
    • tool palettes
    • toolbars
    • windows
    • menus
    • dialog boxes
  • Principal tools
    • select
    • eraser
    • paint bucket
  • Drawing tools
    • line
    • arc
    • freehand
    • rectangle
    • circle
    • polygon
  • Modification tools
    • move
    • rotate
    • scale
    • push/pull
    • offset
    • follow me
    • intersect with model
    • position texture
  • Construction tools
    • tape measure
    • protractor
    • axes
    • dimension
    • text
    • 3D text
    • section plane
  • Camera tools
    • standard views
    • matching photos and models
    • orbit
    • pan
    • zoom
  • Walkthrough tools
    • walk
    • look around
  • Sandbox tools
    • sandbox from scratch
    • smoove
    • drape
    • add detail
  • Solid tools
    • outer shell
    • intersect
    • union
    • subtract
    • trim
    • split
  • Google Toolbar
    • sharing models
    • SketchUp and Google Earth
  • Model settings and managers
    • materials browser
    • components browser
    • styles browser
    • outliner
    • scenes manager
    • preferences
  • Entities
  • Importing and exporting
  • Printing
  • Ruby plugins

The course familiarizes participants with more advanced usage of free and open-source Blender software for three dimensional graphics modeling and visalization, as a continuation of more fundamental EITC/CG/BL1 "3D graphics design and visualisation software (Blender) 1" course.

  • Python scripting
    • introduction
    • working with addons
      • objects
      • actions
      • settings
  • Advanced modeling
    • overview
    • High Dynamic Range imaging HDRi
      • light probe
    • landscapes and heightmaps
      • procedural landscape modeling
      • basic terrain
      • texture stenciling
      • heightmap exporting
  • Advanced materials and textures
    • bump mapping
    • normal mapping
      • texture normals
      • color map normals
  • Nodes
    • texture nodes
    • material nodes
    • compositing
  • Advanced rendering
    • cycles
      • glass material
      • fireflies
    • freestyle
  • Advanced animation
    • introduction
    • armature object
    • mesh object
      • envelope
      • vertex groups and weight paint
      • shape keys
    • constraints
      • copy location
      • copy rotation
      • track-to
      • floor
      • locked track
      • follow path
      • stretch-to
      • IK solver
    • timeline window
    • IPO window
      • data type
    • NLA window and editor
    • relative vertex keys
  • Advanced game engine
    • advanced game engine techniques
      • pop-up menus
      • dropping menus

The course familiarizes participants with the fundamental concepts of three dimensional graphics modeling and visalization, particularly using a professional, free and open-source Blender software.

  • Introduction to Blender
    • 3D geometry
    • coordinate transformations
    • coordinate spaces
  • User interface
    • keystrokes, buttons, and menus
    • Blender windowing system
  • Introduction to meshes
    • meshes and edit mode
    • normals and shading
    • understanding the camera
  • Smooth meshes
  • Materials and textures
    • multiple materials
    • texture settings
    • image textures
    • procedural textures
  • Creating models
    • bone tool
    • transforming simple shapes
    • working with depths
    • creating complex models
    • spin technique
    • lighting
    • applying custom textures
  • Curve and path modeling
    • Bézier curves
    • bevel tool
    • curve modifier
    • surfaces
  • Empty objects
  • Reference photos
    • background images
    • guide images
    • 2D to 3D transformation with Bézier curves
  • Advanced materials and textures
    • subsurface scattering
    • ray tracing
    • transparent textures
    • cloud texture
  • UV/image editor
  • UV maps
  • Lighting
    • real lights
    • blender lights
    • lighting rigs
    • global illumination
  • Basic animation
    • keyframing
    • animation editors
    • graph editor
    • animation rendering
    • lattice modifier
    • sequencer tool
  • Particle systems
    • simple particles systems
    • shapes from particles
    • billboard visualization
  • Soft bodies
    • soft body animation
    • simple cloth animation
  • Blender game engine
    • basics
    • controls and movement
    • physics in Blender
    • basic mouse pointer
    • text

EITCA Academy administration

  1. info@eitca.academy
  2. CompLearn Ltd.
    New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street
    London, W1S 1DX, United Kingdom
  3. EITCI Institute
    Avenue des Saisons 100-102
    1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • I liked the training programme very much, it gave me a fresh perspective on computer graphics.
  • I really liked the asynchronous mode of the training + the European certificate issued in English.
  • Thank you for helping me to develop my skills.
  • Didactic materials were developed very clearly, legibly and understandably.
  • Good organization of exams was definitedly a positive aspect of the training.
  • The ability to extend a deadline for completion of the course allowed me to work full time much easier.
  • I liked the approach to the participant.
  • Some positive aspects of the course: ability to consult teaching staff, freedom in choosing the order of courses, opportunity to improve my test results
  • What I liked most was that the training had no time limits...And I had 24/7 access to my materials.
  • Easy access, opportunity to study at home at a convenient time.
  • Overall, trainings organized very efficiently.
  • I liked the opportunity to take exams at any time.
  • I am glad that I took part in this training, I'm sure my IT knowledge is now greater.
  • A wide scope of many IT aspects, great help with installing programs.
  • Theoretical part presented in a comprehensible way, exercises with answers, hints
  • The contents of the curriculum and the teaching system are on a very high level.
  • Very thorough explanations and descriptions.
  • A possibility of distance learning without need to commute.
  • Comprehensible contents, convenient form - enough time to perform tasks covered in the study programme.
  • Pros: whole course, training programme and organization of the training.
  • Flexibility of the course was important to me: I could choose hours and days that suited me - it allowed me to reconcile my work with learning new things.
  • All the aspects of the training were very useful.
  • Comprehensible lectures on specific topics, interesting exercises.
  • Many illustrations showing insight into programs. Detailed step-by-step descriptions.
  • No problems in general (organization, training programme, certification).
  • You can learn anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Lots of descriptions. Additional files (attachments). Education at a high level. Opportunity to consult tutors. Clarity of content
  • Learning new interesting programs and their options.
  • Presentation of knowledge in an accessible and understandable way :).
  • This form of training is a nice alternative for stationary training. Flexibility of the course was very important to me.
  • My competencies after completing the training have significantly increased. Now I know how to work with basic computer programs.
  • My qualifications have been greatly raised, basic CG programs seem now simpler to me.
  • Thanks to this course I can retouch pictures perfectly.
  • I have learned many things I didn't know before and I hope they will be useful both at work and in my private life.
  • My skills have been strongly increased. I've learned many new and interesting things related to work at the computer, which I use now in everyday life.
  • My skills increased. now I have no problem finding appropriate functions in programs covered in the training.
  • I feel much more confident in IT right now. I've learned new things and right now my self-assessment is as high as my new skills.
  • I am pleasantly surprised by the course. I was being skeptical at the beginning, but after a few lectures I was sure it was exactly what I needed. I've improved my skills.
  • My competencies in information technology are on a high level now.
  • I have gained new knowledge and systematized the one I have already had.
  • After completing the training, my skills have significantly increased. I've learned a lot of things unknown to me before.
  • Strengthening my skills, equipping myself with knowledge about new features of popular programs.
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to confirm my skills and learn new things.
  • It is vital that the training allows to get an international certificate even though it's remote... I think that such courses should be more popular.