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Corporate and institutional volume discounts

Business and institutional customers can benefit from promotional volume discounts, applicable depending on the number of participants delegated and signed up for the EITCA Academy certification programmes. The volume discounts are cumulative - the cost of signing up another participant is calculated based from entire history of the institution's orders history. The volume discounts are applicable to both regular as well as reduced (EU subsidized) participation costs.

Companies can purchase EU subsidized trainings for any number their employees: the only requirement is to have a valid subsidy code. In such case the total cost to be paid by an institution is solely 20% of the total regular price of the purchased services.

The amount of the volume discount is calculated according to the table below and subtracted from the total order amount (exemplary cost for the EITCA/CG Academy with 80% subsidy equals 220 € per participant):

Number of participants Cost reduction percentage Total cost for a minimal group with 80% subsidy and volume discount Total cost for a minimal group with 80% subsidy and without volume discount Total cost for a minimal group without subsidy and without volume discount
at least 510%990 €1100 €5500 €
at least 1020%1760 €2200 €11000 €
at least 1530%2310 €3300 €16500 €
at least 2040%2640 €4400 €22000 €

Customized contracts and payments

For business/institutional customers individual payment form customization as well as conclusion of a customized contract in written form is possible, according to customer needs. Please contact the EITCA Academy office.

The advantages of e-learning for companies/institutions

  • Reduction of training costs (no expenditure on accommodation, meals, room rental etc.).
  • Saving time spent on training organization, trips etc.
  • High efficiency of trainings thanks to repetitions, retakes and flexible learning time.
  • Full administrative control over trainings and ability to monitor the progress of the participants.

EITCA Academy administration

  1. info@eitca.academy
  2. CompLearn Ltd.
    New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street
    London, W1S 1DX, United Kingdom
  3. EITCI Institute
    Avenue des Saisons 100-102
    1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • I liked the training programme very much, it gave me a fresh perspective on computer graphics.
  • I really liked the asynchronous mode of the training + the European certificate issued in English.
  • Thank you for helping me to develop my skills.
  • Didactic materials were developed very clearly, legibly and understandably.
  • Good organization of exams was definitedly a positive aspect of the training.
  • The ability to extend a deadline for completion of the course allowed me to work full time much easier.
  • I liked the approach to the participant.
  • Some positive aspects of the course: ability to consult teaching staff, freedom in choosing the order of courses, opportunity to improve my test results
  • What I liked most was that the training had no time limits...And I had 24/7 access to my materials.
  • Easy access, opportunity to study at home at a convenient time.
  • Overall, trainings organized very efficiently.
  • I liked the opportunity to take exams at any time.
  • I am glad that I took part in this training, I'm sure my IT knowledge is now greater.
  • A wide scope of many IT aspects, great help with installing programs.
  • Theoretical part presented in a comprehensible way, exercises with answers, hints
  • The contents of the curriculum and the teaching system are on a very high level.
  • Very thorough explanations and descriptions.
  • A possibility of distance learning without need to commute.
  • Comprehensible contents, convenient form - enough time to perform tasks covered in the study programme.
  • Pros: whole course, training programme and organization of the training.
  • Flexibility of the course was important to me: I could choose hours and days that suited me - it allowed me to reconcile my work with learning new things.
  • All the aspects of the training were very useful.
  • Comprehensible lectures on specific topics, interesting exercises.
  • Many illustrations showing insight into programs. Detailed step-by-step descriptions.
  • No problems in general (organization, training programme, certification).
  • You can learn anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Lots of descriptions. Additional files (attachments). Education at a high level. Opportunity to consult tutors. Clarity of content
  • Learning new interesting programs and their options.
  • Presentation of knowledge in an accessible and understandable way :).
  • This form of training is a nice alternative for stationary training. Flexibility of the course was very important to me.
  • My competencies after completing the training have significantly increased. Now I know how to work with basic computer programs.
  • My qualifications have been greatly raised, basic CG programs seem now simpler to me.
  • Thanks to this course I can retouch pictures perfectly.
  • I have learned many things I didn't know before and I hope they will be useful both at work and in my private life.
  • My skills have been strongly increased. I've learned many new and interesting things related to work at the computer, which I use now in everyday life.
  • My skills increased. now I have no problem finding appropriate functions in programs covered in the training.
  • I feel much more confident in IT right now. I've learned new things and right now my self-assessment is as high as my new skills.
  • I am pleasantly surprised by the course. I was being skeptical at the beginning, but after a few lectures I was sure it was exactly what I needed. I've improved my skills.
  • My competencies in information technology are on a high level now.
  • I have gained new knowledge and systematized the one I have already had.
  • After completing the training, my skills have significantly increased. I've learned a lot of things unknown to me before.
  • Strengthening my skills, equipping myself with knowledge about new features of popular programs.
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to confirm my skills and learn new things.
  • It is vital that the training allows to get an international certificate even though it's remote... I think that such courses should be more popular.