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Terms and Conditions of the EITCA Academy

I. General provisions


Following terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the T&C) define the formal regulations regarding the organization of the EITCA Academy - an implementation of the European Information Technologies Certification EITC and the European Information Technologies Certification Academy EITCA programmes, hereinafter referred to as the EITC/EITCA Programmes, respectively - including detailed terms and conditions of participation, payment, and the rights and obligations of the participant of the EITCA Academy (hereinafter referred to as Participant).

II. Organisation of the EITCA Academy


EITCA Academy is organized and executed by the Information Technologies Training Center CompLearn (ITTC CompLearn), operating within the CompLearn Ltd. company registered in England (New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1DX, United Kingdom, company number: 07618776), under the accreditation of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute EITCI (Avenue des Saisons 100-102, Brussels, Belgium; hereinafter referred to as the EITCI Institute), and in cooperation with didactic and technical teams of its domestic and international partners. EITCA Academy is implemented in accordance with the technical and programme guidelines of the EITCI Institute, which also acts as a certifying body for the EITC/EITCA Programmes within the EITCA Academy.


The organizational supervision over the implementation of the EITCA Academy is exercised by the Director of the EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn).


ITTC CompLearn is fully responsible for the implementation of the didactic and examination processes in accordance with the guidelines of the EITCI Institute, running the EITCA Academy Secretary Office, and administration of the e-learning IT systems. EITCA Academy Secretary Office reports is supervised directly by the Director of the EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn).


1. The substantive supervision over the implementation of the EITCA Academy is exercised by appropriate ITTC CompLearn didactic teams and partners (including the didactic personnel of universities) having custody over individual programme areas.
2. External supervision over implementation quality of the EITCA Academy and its compliance with the EITC/EITCA Programmes is exercised by the EITCI Institute programme committee, which defines and approves the programme and substantive content of the EITC/EITCA certification and the scope and content of the guidelines for didactic materials and examinations.

III. Educational process


EITCA Academy is conducted in the form of non-stationary, remote didactic and examination process within the ITTC CompLearn e-learning platforms, in accordance with the guidelines of the EITC/EITCA Programme. Both the didactic process and the examinations are conducted entirely remotely, via the Internet.


EITCA Academy allows participation in both individual EITC certification programmes (hereinafter referred to as the EITC Courses) as well as in composite programmes of EITCA Academies, which consists of the defined sets of the EITC Courses covering the scope of a particular EITCA Academy programme.


The detailed information and programme scopes of the EITC Courses and EITCA Academies are published on the websites of the EITCA Academy and may be subject to alterations in order to reflect continual improvements in the quality of education and provide current adjustments to the changes of the EITC/EITCA Programme guidelines introduced by the EITCI Institute as a result of ongoing development of information technologies.


The didactic process is carried out within electronic e-learning platforms, as an asynchronous procedure personalized for each Participant, enabling starting of the process at any time of the calendar year, and its personalized, flexible scheduling, adapted to Participant's requirements and abilities.


The didactic process within each of the EITC Courses is carried out in the form of electronic lectures, exercises and laboratory lessons within the scope defined by the programme.


As part of the EITCA Academy didactic process, the Participant has access to didactic consultations in the scope of attended courses provided electronically by the didactic teams.


1. Completion of each of the EITC Courses is conditioned by passing the final exam at the minimum level specified for the Course in accordance with the EITC Programme and the guidelines of the EITCI Institute. The final exam for each of the EITC Courses has the form of an electronic multiple-choice quiz, carried out fully remotely via the Internet within the e-learning platforms.
2. Completion of an EITCA Academy is conditioned by passing all of the EITC Courses that constitute a relevant EITCA Academy.


The scope of knowledge required to pass the final exam for each of the EITC Courses corresponds to the substantive content of didactic materials and is defined by the didactic team having custody over a particular EITC Course, in strict accordance with the EITCI Institute programme guidelines and in consultation with the Director of EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn).


1. In the event of failure in achieving a minimum passing threshold of a particular EITC Course final exam, the Participant has is allowed to retake the failed exam free of charge.
2. If the second attempt to pass a final exam also results in a failure, the Participant may undertake the subsequent attempts at the discretion of an individual decision of the Director of the EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn). ITTC CompLearn reserves the right to charge the Participant for each additional approach to the exam (beyond the second attempt) in accordance with current regulations of the EITCI Institute, however in the case of positive decision of the Director of the EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn), it is possible to release the Participant from additional charges for excess exam approaches.
3. The Participant is also entitled to a single additional corrective approach to the EITC Course final exam if they are not satisfied with the obtained score, provided that the exam has already been passed in the first attempt. In such case, the higher of both results is taken into account.


After successfully completing the EITC Course or EITCA Academy (depending on the participation variant) and meeting the formal requirements of the EITC/EITCA Programme completion, the Participant obtains the following documents:
1. EITC Course or EITCA Academy completion diploma issued by ITTC CompLearn.
2. EITC/EITCA Programme Certificate issued by the EITCI Institute (a single EITC Course certificate or EITCA Academy certificate, respectively) along with an electronic supplement and electronic verification feature, subject to §27.

IV. Enrolment and payment rules


Registration for the EITCA Academy participation is carried out continuously. Due to the asynchronous and personalized nature of the e-learning platforms, the didactic process can be started at any moment of the calendar year.


1. Enrolment for EITCA Academy is carried out by performing an electronic registration in the EITCA Academy website and settling payment of the participation fee for the selected EITC Courses / EITCA Academies.
2. The remaining Participant's data required for the didactic and certification process need to be provided at a later stage of finalizing the enrolment, within a separate form.
3. During both registration referred to in paragraph 1, as well as enrolment finalization referred to in paragraph 2, the Participant shall provide their true personal data.


The fees for participation in the EITC Courses/EITCA Academies are published within the EITCA Academy websites.


1. The following payment methods are accepted:
a) On-line payment, through cooperating providers of on-line payment services (including credit/debit cards, e-wallets and other selected global and local electronic payment methods subject to current availability by provider and region).
b) Wire transfer to the bank account of ITTC CompLearn, as published EITCA Academy websites.
2. In the case referred to in paragraph 1, point a), the payment can be settled directly after the registration through one of the available methods. Payments in this case are usually finalised within a few minutes from their commencement.
3. In the case referred to in paragraph 1, point b), the payment is considered settled after the funds are received on the ITTC CompLearn bank account. For correct identification of the payment it is essential to provide both full name of the Participant and the code of chosen EITC Courses/EITCA Academies in the transfer title.
4. ITTC CompLearn reserves the right to make other payment methods available than those referred to in paragraph 1.
5. Information about all currently available payment methods are published on the EITCA Academy websites.
6. The detailed terms of use for payment methods provided by external suppliers are specified in respective terms and conditions provided by these suppliers. Links to those terms and conditions are to be found on the EITCA Academy websites. Using these forms of payment constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned above. ITTC CompLearn is not responsible for execution of the payment process by external suppliers.


1. Settling the payment is equivalent to conclusion of an agreement in electronic form between the Participant and ITTC CompLearn for the provision of selected training and certification service/services (hereinafter referred to as the Participation Agreement) in accordance with the description of the services provided on the EITCA Academy websites and the provisions of this T&C, and implies obtaining of EITCA Academy Participant status.
2. In case that the payment is not settled by the Participant themselves, or the Participant is exempt from the participation fees, the Participation Agreement is concluded in electronic form at the moment when the Participant first logs in to the e-learning platform.
3. Conclusion of the Participation Agreement may also occur in other way (including writing form), if such possibility is provided by ITTC CompLearn, or by agreement of the parties.


1. Full access to the purchased EITCA Academies/EITC Courses on the e-learning platform is activated after the payment is settled (after the conclusion of the Participation Agreement).
2. First event of logging in by the Participant to the purchased Academy/Course on the e-learning platform is considered a commencement of the actual provision of the service.


If the purchaser and the Participant are different parties, or the purchaser is a company or an institution, adequate purchaser data for the invoice should be provided in the invoicing information section of the order finalization form.

V. Rights and obligations of the Participant and the rules of participation


Participant is entitled to:
1. Access the purchased EITC Courses/EITCA Academies on the e-learning platforms of EITCA Academy.
2. Access the electronic didactic materials described in the programme and participate in the final examinations.
3. Use the provided computer software designated for laboratory lessons, in the scopes defined by relevant courses.
4. Use electronic consultations regarding the substantive content of the enrolled courses provided by the didactic teams having custody over the relevant courses.
5. Receive the documents referred to in §15 after successful completion of the enrolled EITC Course/EITCA Academy and fulfilment of formal conditions stated in this T&C.
6. Participate in special promotions and contests intended for the Participants of EITCA Academy.


The participant is obliged to:
1. Solve the remote exams for all enrolled courses by themselves, subject to penalties referred to in §31.
2. Comply with other provisions of this T&C.


1. The Participant consents to processing of their personal data by ITTC CompLearn and the certifiying body (the European Information Technologies Certification Institute EITCI based in Brussels) for the purposes of service provision, as well as sharing these data with partners involved in implementation of the EITCA Academy, within the scope necessary for implementation of the EITCA Academy organizational, educational and certification processes.
2. The personal data referred to in paragraph 1 are protected and processed in compliance with high safety standards and in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, in particular with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act and the Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
3. The detailed information regarding processing of personal data and privacy issues within the ITTC CompLearn websites is to be found in the privacy policies published within the respective websites.


1. The Participant acknowledges that all didactic materials made available to them as part of participation in the EITCA Academy are exclusively an intellectual property of either ITTC CompLearn or other relevant entities, and are subject to legal protection in accordance with applicable regulations (including the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Act and the Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society). The Participant is entitled for using the materials made available to him and their content (including in particular didactic materials, computer software and exams content) exclusively solely for the purpose of self-study, and shall not make them available to third parties without the explicit consent of the ITTC CompLearn or the respective copyrights owner.
2. In an event of violation of the provisions referred to in paragraph 1, ITTC CompLearn or the respective copyright owners may claim compensation from the Participant for any material or non-material damages caused by this violation.


1. Initiation of the certification procedure and obtaining the certificate referred to in §15, paragraph 2, is conditioned by signing a consent to the certification terms and conditions of the EITCI Institute (hereinafter referred to as the Certification Agreement). The Certification Agreement form is available at http://eitca.academy/files/EITCI_Certification_Agreement.pdf.
2. The Certification Agreement is to be signed by the Participant in writing and a scan copy is to be sent via email to the EITCA Academy Secretary Office accompanied by a scan copy of the Participant's identity document (national ID, passport or other identity document as specified in the Certification Agreement) to allow verification of Participant's identity and authenticity of the data provided in the Certification Agreement.
3. Sending of the documents referred to in paragraph 2 should take place immediately after the conclusion of the electronic Participation Agreement, referred to in §20.
4. In an event when all required examinations have been passed by the Participant, however they failed to deliver the documents referred to in paragraph 2 before 30 days from the end of statutory maximum period of participation completion referred to in §28, and if no settlement can be made with the Participant concerning the date of delivery of these documents, ITTC CompLearn reserves the right to consider its obligations under the Participation Agreement as completed, while waiving an obligation to issue the certificate referred to in §15, paragraph 2. In such case, the Participant is not entitled for any refund of all or part of the participation fees.


1. A statutory maximum completion period (maximum duration of participation) is 12 months for full EITCA Academy and 3 months for each individual EITC Course (for non-Academy participation), counted from the moment of conclusion of the electronic Participation Agreement and until the successful passing of all required examinations.
2. At a reasoned request of the Participant, the duration indicated in paragraph 1 may be extended in consultation with the Director of the EITCA Academy (Director of the ITTC CompLearn).
3. If the duration specified in paragraph 1 is exceeded by the Participant and no consensus on the extension of this duration can be agreed, ITTC CompLearn reserves the right to terminate the Participation Agreement. In such case, the Participant is not entitled for any refund of all or part of the participation fees.


1. In accordance with the provisions of the United Kingdom Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation & Additional Charges) Regulations (implementing the Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council on Consumer Rights), the Participant who is a consumer (not applicable to companies/institutions as well as individuals engaged in economic activities that have made the purchase under these activities) is entitled to cancel a remotely concluded Participation Agreement without providing any reason within 14 calendar days from conclusion of the Participation Agreement, receiving a full refund. Cancellation should have a form of a written statement (with reference to the respective legal basis), emailed as a scan copy to the EITCA Academy Secretary Office.
2. The cancellation right is waived if the actual provision of the service has already been started at the Participant's will before the end of the 14 day period referred to in paragraph 1 (by logging in for the first time to the purchased course on the e-learning platform).

VI. Final Provisions


ITTC CompLearn cannot be held responsible for any difficulties in implementation of the EITCA Academy due to random factors beyond the control of ITTC CompLearn (including factors resulting from the Participant, third parties or force majeure).


1. In exceptional cases, in the event of serious breach of the provisions of this T&C by the Participant, in particular when it is found that the Participant was not solving any final exam by themselves, or in the event of neglecting the provisions of this T&C by the Participant resulting in inability to fulfil the ITTC CompLearn obligations under the Participation Agreement, ITTC CompLearn reserves the right to cancel the Participation Agreement with immediate termination of the service. In such case, the Participant is not entitled for any refund of all or part of the participation fees.
2. In addition, when it is found that the Participant was not solving any final exam by themselves, this fact is notified to the certifying body, which may decide to permanently exclude the Participant from the possibility to participate in any of its accredited certification programmes as well as to cancel any certificates previously issued to the Participant.


The Participation Agreement is considered to be accomplished after issuing the documents referred to in §15 to the Participant, or after termination of the Participation Agreement subject to provisions of this T&C or by mutual consent of the parties.


1. This T&C as well as any issues not covered by this T&C regarding provision of services by the ITTC CompLearn are are governed by English law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
2. The parties shall endeavour to amicably settle any disputes regarding the participation in the EITCA Academy and the compliance with the provisions of this T&C, through mutual agreement. In the absence of an amicable settlement the territorial jurisdiction of the judicial authorities appropriate for the headquarters of the ITTC CompLearn shall be assumed.


This T&C is effective starting from the 1 July 2014 and may be subject to updates, particularly in order to improve the quality of provided services.

EITCA Academy administration

  1. info@eitca.academy
  2. CompLearn Ltd.
    New Bond House, 124 New Bond Street
    London, W1S 1DX, United Kingdom
  3. EITCI Institute
    Avenue des Saisons 100-102
    1050 Brussels, Belgium
  • I liked the training programme very much, it gave me a fresh perspective on computer graphics.
  • I really liked the asynchronous mode of the training + the European certificate issued in English.
  • Thank you for helping me to develop my skills.
  • Didactic materials were developed very clearly, legibly and understandably.
  • Good organization of exams was definitedly a positive aspect of the training.
  • The ability to extend a deadline for completion of the course allowed me to work full time much easier.
  • I liked the approach to the participant.
  • Some positive aspects of the course: ability to consult teaching staff, freedom in choosing the order of courses, opportunity to improve my test results
  • What I liked most was that the training had no time limits...And I had 24/7 access to my materials.
  • Easy access, opportunity to study at home at a convenient time.
  • Overall, trainings organized very efficiently.
  • I liked the opportunity to take exams at any time.
  • I am glad that I took part in this training, I'm sure my IT knowledge is now greater.
  • A wide scope of many IT aspects, great help with installing programs.
  • Theoretical part presented in a comprehensible way, exercises with answers, hints
  • The contents of the curriculum and the teaching system are on a very high level.
  • Very thorough explanations and descriptions.
  • A possibility of distance learning without need to commute.
  • Comprehensible contents, convenient form - enough time to perform tasks covered in the study programme.
  • Pros: whole course, training programme and organization of the training.
  • Flexibility of the course was important to me: I could choose hours and days that suited me - it allowed me to reconcile my work with learning new things.
  • All the aspects of the training were very useful.
  • Comprehensible lectures on specific topics, interesting exercises.
  • Many illustrations showing insight into programs. Detailed step-by-step descriptions.
  • No problems in general (organization, training programme, certification).
  • You can learn anywhere in the world at any time.
  • Lots of descriptions. Additional files (attachments). Education at a high level. Opportunity to consult tutors. Clarity of content
  • Learning new interesting programs and their options.
  • Presentation of knowledge in an accessible and understandable way :).
  • This form of training is a nice alternative for stationary training. Flexibility of the course was very important to me.
  • My competencies after completing the training have significantly increased. Now I know how to work with basic computer programs.
  • My qualifications have been greatly raised, basic CG programs seem now simpler to me.
  • Thanks to this course I can retouch pictures perfectly.
  • I have learned many things I didn't know before and I hope they will be useful both at work and in my private life.
  • My skills have been strongly increased. I've learned many new and interesting things related to work at the computer, which I use now in everyday life.
  • My skills increased. now I have no problem finding appropriate functions in programs covered in the training.
  • I feel much more confident in IT right now. I've learned new things and right now my self-assessment is as high as my new skills.
  • I am pleasantly surprised by the course. I was being skeptical at the beginning, but after a few lectures I was sure it was exactly what I needed. I've improved my skills.
  • My competencies in information technology are on a high level now.
  • I have gained new knowledge and systematized the one I have already had.
  • After completing the training, my skills have significantly increased. I've learned a lot of things unknown to me before.
  • Strengthening my skills, equipping myself with knowledge about new features of popular programs.
  • Thank you very much for the opportunity to confirm my skills and learn new things.
  • It is vital that the training allows to get an international certificate even though it's remote... I think that such courses should be more popular.